Some photos of Paramore with Fall Out Boy backstage at Monumentour, Hershey, 07/19/14 (x)


i am really sorry i can’t do edits but there’s a picture of lil me so i hope that makes up for it

i’ve been meaning to make this for a while, i kinda missed my blog’s half birthday by like 1 month 16 days (oops) and i can’t be bothered to wait until i hit 1k so yeah

thank you to anyone i follow/who follows me for giving me a really nice experience on here; of the 10ish blogs i’ve made over time (oops(again)) this is by far my favourite, mainly because the people in this family are so nice and cool like ily guys

onto the follow forever part, these are some blogs i love, theres a lot and this isn’t even all of them omg

thank you again

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i’ve just realised how ridiculously long this is i’m so dumb sorry i’m gonna go

thank you thank you thank you


Self-Titled Tour (2013)



Oops.. lol


I haven’t done a promo in forever, so here ya go. 

  • mbf me.
  • bandom blogs only please.
  • you can like this if you want, but only reblogs will count.
  • only reblog once, pretty please.
  • I would like this to get at least 50 notes.
  • I’ll be picking on Saturday 7/26.


  • best themes
  • best posts
  • best urls
  • favorite mutuals
  • best overall

these categories will probably change depending on the blogs I choose. 


It’s promo time, because I hit my goaaal! (Thank y’all so much!)


  • mfb moi
  • reblog once
  • you can like to bookmark, but they don’t count
  • must get at least 15 notes or I’ll cry and pretend this post never existed


  • best theme
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  • best paramore blog
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I’ll pick winners on Saturday probably (can’t tell you the exact time, because I suck)! Love y’all, byye! ♥

Paramore in snaps (part 2).